.Ideas for dads Christmas present 2022|Some Unique gifts for dad this year
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Ideas for dads Christmas present 2022|Some Unique gifts for dad this year

Ideas for dads Christmas present
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My name is Adnan, and today I’m going to be filming some Ideas for dads Christmas present. Is that not the most remarkable thing? You can try it. Honestly, I want that gift. It seems pretty legit. But before I hop into the article, I want to address what’s happening in our country, in our world. I am genuinely saddened and disgusted. It is so sad what is happening, and I’m just thinking about future generations and how we can make a change before bringing more people into this world.

Now let’s get started. So in this article, I’m going to be talking about some ideas for dads Christmas present. I have something for every dad, including tech, travel, and beer lovers. We’re going to mention it all.

I have purchased a few of these things for my Dad myself, and they were at his house, and I don’t live with my Dad, so I can’t physically show you the item. But I will be putting pictures up on the screen to explain what I’m talking about. So you know, every time I upload an article, I upload articles twice a week. I have been recently in this article, and I will be sharing more than just your basic Ideas for dads Christmas present.

  1. Gift Ideas for Traveling Dads

We’re going to get personal. So the first thing I want to mention is for the traveler, the traveling father. Last year, I got my Dad this gift, and it is a personalized luggage tag. It was pretty reasonable, and all I had to do was upload a picture onto this website. It arrived pretty quickly, and I put a little message on the tag, which was pretty cool, something that he can look at every time he’s traveling.

Ideas for dads Christmas present


The next thing is also part of the travel thing: getting him a little pouch to travel with to put all his toiletries in. They have some personalized, really nice ones on Amazon, made out of natural leather.

Ideas for dads Christmas present

  1. Photo Cube Ideas for dads Christmas present

The following two things are personalized, and I have one of them next to me. This first thing is a Photo Cube. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in one of my articles before, but you put many pictures on a Cube.

Ideas for dads Christmas present


This has a bunch of pictures of my sister and me. I gave this to my mom, and I’m sure I gave one to my Dad. I got this puppy from Amazon. I love Amazon, and I feel like many of the personalized things I get are from Amazon. So in this one, I just threw a bunch of pictures on it, my sister and me.

But you could throw pictures on it, you and your family, dogs, whatever you choose. I think it’s charming. Wait, I have three personalized picture-type gifts. This next gift is actually at my Dad’s house. He has it at his house, and it’s a picture frame.

You can clip the picture on top, and it has a little message. And then I just put Love, Taylor, and Danielle, who is my sister. Something like that, I think, is super friendly because it’s not something that you just got from a third-party store. It’s personalized because it has your names on it. He loved that gift, and I’m sure you got it for him for Christmas. But it’s among great Ideas for dads Christmas present.

  1. Personalized picture Ideas for dads Christmas present

I haven’t decided on the next thing I might get from my Dad this year. And that is a personalized picture. I’ve seen these a lot on Amazon.

Ideas for dads Christmas present


It has a drawing or painting of your Dad, you, and whoever your siblings are. It could be your entire family. I was thinking of doing my Dad, myself and my sister. The way it works is you pick, like, the people’s hairstyles, and it’s a little blurb. And then it’s his dad at the top.

I need to get one because I’m Super into personalized things, and I think you would like it.

  1. New wallet Ideas for dads Christmas present

Ideas for dads Christmas present


The next thing I want to share is something that’s definitely on the luxury side. But this is a perfect gift, and that is a new wallet. Amazon was kind enough to send me this and give me a discount code.

After doing my research before accepting this gift from them, I saw that they were mentioned in Forbes. And I was like. This is such a nice wallet, let me tell you. It’s so slim and so sleek. That was a tongue twister.

There’s a loop to keep your cash when you open it. And then you can also put extra cards in here. And then there’s this enjoyable thing that I think is fascinating. Watch this. There goes your card.

There’s a button that pops up your cards. Is that not the most remarkable thing? There’s a tracker card. So if you lose your wallet, you can track it. You can slide in here, download an app, and follow your wallet with this card.

It is set up on my Dad’s phone, and when he’s on the app, he can Ping his wallet, and it’ll start ringing. This is one of the coolest and nicest wallets I’ve ever seen, and I feel like a dad would appreciate it. Someone who appreciates technology would appreciate the tracker.

  1. Bluetooth speaker Ideas for dads Christmas present

Ideas for dads Christmas present


The next thing is also kind of related to the tech lover, and that is a Bluetooth Speaker, but not only just the traditional Bluetooth Speaker. I feel like getting a waterproof speaker for your Dad is a great gift.

It is waterproof. When your Dad’s working outside or when your Dad’s going on a kayak trip or going fishing, just having an excellent Bluetooth waterproof speaker is a plus.

  1. Tech stands Ideas for dads Christmas present

Ideas for dads Christmas present


The next thing for the tech lover is something that you haven’t purchased for yourself, but it is on your Linked list, and that is a tech stand. There are so many types of these.

You can personalize them with their name or a little message. Some of them include Chargers built into them. You could buy the more expensive ones with the AirPods charger, the Apple Watch charger, and the iPhone charger, all built-in in one thing. Many of these are of excellent quality, and having another personalized touch makes them unique.

  1. A nice pair of sunglasses Ideas for dads Christmas present

Ideas for dads Christmas present


Another thing that you might want to invest in is getting your Dad a nice pair of sunglasses instead of just cheap Walmart dad’s sunglasses. Maybe scrolling through the many websites, finding some nice ones, even adding a prescription if they wear glasses. If they don’t have sunglasses with a prescription in them, that’s something you’d have to talk to your Dad to get his prescription. But you get what I’m saying. Sunglasses are just a great dad gift.

  1. For beer lovers Dad

Ideas for dads Christmas present


The next thing I want to talk about is that beer lover. If your Dad loves craft beer, Why not give him a little project to do, and he can make his beer? And then, if you like craft beer, you can try it.  If you guys are craft beer lovers like many, let me know in the comments below. I’m so curious.

Someone posted on their Instagram story a picture of an at-home beer flight, and I’m like, that’s such a good idea. I would have never thought to Google beer flights, but many types show up. They come with glasses. Some of them you can get personalized. So if your Dad is a beer lover, probably craft beer because that’s what most beer flights come on.

There are so many you can buy some on Amazon that comes with the glasses. Not only could you get them a beer flight, but you could get them a beer kit. This is something I’m getting for my friend this year because we love craft beer, and I think this would be such a cool project. It is a literal craft beer-making kit. The kit that I’m talking about comes with twelve bottles and the entire set of everything that you need. It comes with two glasses. It seems pretty legit.

  1. Some Clothes Ideas for dads Christmas present

Ideas for dads Christmas present


I want to mention the last thing is pretty basic, but just buying him some nice clothes. A lot of the retail shops are closed, but the place that I’ve been looking at is online shops like Amazon.

They have a ton of outdoor gear and many nice shirts for men. They have so much on there. And the store near me is massive. I’ve never been in it, but I’ve seen the outside of it, and their online store has a ton of stuff to choose from. So you could scroll on that website and find something that I didn’t mention.

The great thing is they have many styles of shirts on there, so you get it, you know, your Dad’s style, and you know what he would like.


That is all of my Ideas for dads Christmas present. I hope you guys enjoyed this article. I love writing these articles because I love giving gifts and incredibly personalized things. I feel proud when I find something exceptional. So I hope this article helps you guys out too. If you guys want to follow me, it is just the same thing as everything that I have. Thank you guys so much for reading.

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